What the heck is a Keydet? Why is this blog called Gold Coast?

I’m a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute.  At VMI, first year students are called Rats.  Once you break out of the Rat Line, you are a cadet.  The VMI mascot is a Keydet. Keydet and cadet sound alike don’t they? The funny thing is that the actual mascot is a Kangaroo with boxing gloves.  So where did the word Keydet come from? Using a proper southern accent, one pronounces "Cadet" as "Keydet." VMI folklore tells us that this is exactly how the word Keydet came about.  A while back, I decided to use an alias for blogging, etc. and Keydet popped in my head and stuck.

So what about Gold Coast?  Cadet life at VMI is very Spartan.  You spend your four years in barracks that are more like jail than modern Military barracks.  Different parts of barracks have nicknames.  The section of barracks I lived in during my time at VMI is called Gold Coast.  Therefore, Gold Coast seemed like an appropriate name for the place I lay my hat online.

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