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How does FREE ASP.NET hosting until January 2010 sound?

Verio is offering a sweet little free hosting deal to developers and designers to promote Microsoft-based hosting for products and technologies like Expression, Visual Studio, and Silverlight.  The Plan includes: .NET Framework 3.0 (I am told 3.5 will be made … Continue reading

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ADO.NET Entity Framework – Overview Video

Mike Taulty has a really nice overview video here.  I have spent much more time looking at LINQ to SQL than LINQ to Entities (which is just using LINQ queries against the ADO.NET Entity Framework).  I plan on digging in … Continue reading

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WEBCAST FOLLOW UP: Introduction to LINQ + LINQ to SQL (August)

Thanks to everyone who attended!  If you missed it, you should be able to watch a recording soon here.  I’ve uploaded the updated code & deck to my Windows Live SkyDrive folder here.  My list of LINQ resources I find … Continue reading

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I’m trying to make getting at my “next steps / further learning” resources easier…

Thanks to a suggestion from Robert at our team offsite last week, I am pulling all of my "Resources" links out of my slide decks and replacing them with a single link to a list on my blog which I … Continue reading

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WEBCAST: Introduction to LINQ + LINQ to SQL

August 29th 2:00P-3:30P EST (11:00A-12:30P PST) Modern applications operate on data in several different forms: Relational tables, XML documents, and in-memory objects. Each of these domains can have profound differences in semantics, data types, and capabilities, and much of the … Continue reading

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REMINDER: Exceed offers a FREE DataGrid for WPF

Yes, you read that right!  Details here.

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DotNetBar for WPF

The top three requests I hear from customers regarding WPF controls are something like the DataGridView in WinForms, Office 2007 Ribbon, and behavior similar to how Visual Studio allows you to drag & drop / dock / undock windows like … Continue reading

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