I’m trying to make getting at my “next steps / further learning” resources easier…

Thanks to a suggestion from Robert at our team offsite last week, I am pulling all of my "Resources" links out of my slide decks and replacing them with a single link to a list on my blog which I will continue to update.  Windows Live Spaces, which is what I use as my blogging service, has a nice feature (similar to SharePoint) where you can create lists.  In preparation for my LINQ webcast today, I began the migration and added a "Resources" list to my space.  Each item in the list will link to another list with helpful URLs for a given subject :

As with any list on Windows Live Spaces, you can click on the "+" icon to subscribe to an RSS feed for the list or even add it to your own space:

Of course, subscribing to the "Resources" list will only let you know when I add a new group of resources.  To get updates for the contents of the LINQ resources, for example, you will need to click on the LINQ entry in the list (or use this direct link for LINQ), select the "Tools" dropdown, and make the appropriate selection ("Subscribe to RSS feed", "Add to Live.com", etc.):

I hope this makes it easier to find follow up information after my presentations.


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  1. Rick says:

    Thats great Marc but this message looked a little wierd when read through msdn blogs which is where I\’m subscribed to your feed (http://blogs.msdn.com/publicsector/default.aspx).  In fact, I never knew that the blog on msdn was being hosted from somewhere else, until now.  There\’s nothing on that blog to indicate such.  To find this one, I had to click on your direct link in your post, and then click \’Gold Coast\’ to get to your blog.  Now this post makes a little more sense.

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