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More info on LINQ to SQL performance

Soma just blogged about VS 2008 Performance Improvements.  There is some good info in his post.  One of the things he mentioned was: "For example, with the new LINQ facility we set a goal that LINQ performance be significantly better … Continue reading

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ADO.NET Entity Framework – Overview Video

Mike Taulty has a really nice overview video here.  I have spent much more time looking at LINQ to SQL than LINQ to Entities (which is just using LINQ queries against the ADO.NET Entity Framework).  I plan on digging in … Continue reading

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WEBCAST FOLLOW UP: Introduction to LINQ + LINQ to SQL (August)

Thanks to everyone who attended!  If you missed it, you should be able to watch a recording soon here.  I’ve uploaded the updated code & deck to my Windows Live SkyDrive folder here.  My list of LINQ resources I find … Continue reading

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WEBCAST: Introduction to LINQ + LINQ to SQL

August 29th 2:00P-3:30P EST (11:00A-12:30P PST) Modern applications operate on data in several different forms: Relational tables, XML documents, and in-memory objects. Each of these domains can have profound differences in semantics, data types, and capabilities, and much of the … Continue reading

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Excellent video going deep on LINQ to SQL

Charlie Calvert published a video where Matt Warren (C# Principal Architect) & Luca Bolognese (Lead Program Manager) have a very deep discussion of LINQ to SQL internals.  I you’re like me and you really like to know how all the … Continue reading

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LINQ & C# 3.0 Hands On Labs

Charlie Calvert, in his post announcing Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, shares some links to LINQ & C# 3.0 Hands On Labs, plus links to the C#3.0 spec and samples. Details here.

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I was wrong :(

I’ve been doing quite a bit of LINQ & LINQ to SQL talks lately.  One of the things I have told people is that INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE operations are sent in batch using DataContext.SubmitChanges().  I found out in an internal discussion today that … Continue reading

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